Wind Sock And Equipment – Top Maintenance Tips

Wind sock products are not only used in industry; they are a clever idea to pinpoint your location at a busy campsite, festival or on the beach, or they can be used as a fun decorative item in your garden. Some businesses use them as an innovative way to gain people's interest and they can be an effective advertising tool if they incorporate company branding. Whatever your requirement for a windsock, whether you are a business owner or residential customer, we have a range of products here at Windsocks Direct to suit all requirements. However, knowing how to care for your wind sock and pole can extend their life and provide a great deal of enjoyment for your family or passing customers. Windsocks Direct are a leading European supplier and specialise in all types of wind socks, from small businesses through to large, industrial organisations.

Regular Maintenance Of Your Windsocks

Wind socks are of the utmost importance for many businesses and that’s why we only distribute the highest quality windsocks and associated equipment. Swivels and ball bearings are essential to the successful operation of a wind sock as they undertake a great deal of spinning. The small metal components which make up the swivel need regular maintenance to ensure that they last for as long as possible and do not stop working. In order to keep them in good condition, it is recommended that you oil the swivels, ball bearings and moving parts regularly. Additionally, care should be taken when handling the spike. Each spike is thoroughly cleaned prior to delivery but sometimes people with sensitive skin can be susceptible to loose fibres. The spike needs to be roughly 30cm underground and if you are using more than one spike we always suggest that you should place them all together.

Placing a small wooden block on the top of the pole, you can often push them into the ground without any additional tools other than perhaps a small rubber mallet. In order to extend the pole, simply loosen the cap at the bottom and pull the pole over the spike which enables your pole to move freely, preventing windsocks from becoming tangled. Alternatively, if you are affixing your windsock to a solid structure, don’t fasten it too tight as the tube may collapse under the pressure from the wind. Also, if you can, try to add a little padding particularly if the surface is rough like stone. If you are unsure about windsocks or you are looking to purchase your first one, there is no need to worry. Simply tell our friendly team here at Windsocks Direct and we will use our knowledge and expertise to identify a suitable product for your requirements.

If you are using your wind sock at a camp site or festival, you do need to be mindful that the weather can change rapidly so always ensure that your windsock is securely fastened. While our products are made from durable material and constructed to the highest standards, it is sometimes recommended that they are replaced each year, particularly if they are placed in extreme weather; heat, wind or cold. Direct and reflected sunlight can fade a wind sock over time so be mindful of this when choosing colours and of course, the location to site your windsock. Rain should have little effect on your windsock, providing that it does not have a high acidity. If you live near the coast where the air is salty or somewhere that produces lots of dust, it is recommended that you clean your wind socks in cool water with a very mild soap.

Following these top tips for the care of your windsock, swivel and pole will ensure that they last for as long as possible. However, before you think about maintenance you need to choose one which is suitable for your requirements. Windsocks Direct are a leading distributor of quality products from regular commercial types through to air industry and industrial grade products. Our company only source and manufacture products from the UK and they are thoroughly tested before being listed on our website to ensure that we can provide a high quality, durable product. Furthermore, our expert team offer professional advice on the windsock which will fit your requirements perfectly. Visit our website today to browse through our extensive range of windsocks. Why not explore our unique Falcon range, review our printed windsock pages or call us on 020 3743 8587? Here at Windsocks Direct, we promise to offer nothing but good service, fast turnaround and the highest quality wind sock products.