Windsock – An Introduction

Windsock or wind cone is an essential tool for many industries both in the UK and internationally. This clever little piece of equipment is designed to effectively measure the direction of the wind. The history of the wind sock dates back to the Romans when it was used as a military flag. Since then it has evolved considerably and is now a vital tool within the aviation industry in particular, commonly used to indicate wind direction. It is typically affixed to a pole in a high point so that it can move easily in the wind and above all, can be clearly seen from a distance. The wind direction is measured by the angle of the windsock. As windsocks are out in all weathers they are prone to damage by the elements. Here at Windsocks Direct we specialise in the provision of quality products, so whether you are looking for a product for your home or business we will have something suitable.

Wind Socks And Their Uses

Windsocks can be found in many locations throughout the UK but they are often found at ports, airports, mountain roads and even farms. To the trained eye they can provide a useful point of reference for current wind conditions and can sometimes be vital for correct navigation. Their importance is even more prevalent within certain industries such as chemical manufacturing as they are deployed to measure chemical leaks. The materials used for windsocks have changed quite a bit since they were first introduced. The contemporary design that we see today originated from China and they were constructed from a silk material or sometimes even paper. Over the years materials have become stronger and more sophisticated depending on their placement and use. If you are a frequent air passenger or visitor to an airport or airfield you will see wind socks quite a lot.

At the airport windsocks are often made from strong materials such as nylon oxford cloth. It is really important that if you are looking to purchase a windsock you consider the materials it is made from. Poor quality products can tear easily which is no use and will render the sock not fit for purpose. The way in which the sock is stitched together can also have a significant impact on its durability. The importance of the windsock is so significant that in some cases they are tested in a wind tunnel to test their strength. The windsocks are often made in bright colours to ensure maximum visibility. Many industries also use windsocks and these include power plants, oil platforms at sea and certain governmental facilities. Unlike the aviation windsock, these need to be much more sensitive and pick up low wind movements.

While there can be practical uses for the windsock in aviation, chemical and gas sectors, many people use them as colourful decorative items in their garden. If you are a business owner who is looking for a unique way to advertise, why not choose one of our printed windsocks? Add printed graphics or your business logo and tag line to a brightly coloured wind sock. We have been providing products like this to customers throughout the UK for many years. Furthermore, we use clear printing techniques and strong embroidery to ensure that your windsock will last for many years. Each project for business that we begin is unique to the individual business. We will understand your requirements and the purpose of your windsock before making recommendations on what will work best and our suggestions for suitable products. Simply send us the graphics that you require on your wind sock and we aim to complete small orders within a week.

Windsocks Direct is a well-known provider of windsocks, not just in the UK but also throughout Europe. We also specialise in the sale of aviation and industrial grade windsocks and understand the importance of producing something of high quality whether it’s destined for a small local business or a large multinational corporation. Our trade customers have been receiving products from Windsocks Direct since the mid 1990s and we use only British manufactured products which are thoroughly tested to ensure optimum durability so that they can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. In addition, we are an exclusive provider of Falcon windsocks and we also supply a wide range of economy windsocks, poles and swivel arms. So why not visit our website or call us today on 020 3743 8587 to explore all the options that we have available and find a windsock that suits your requirements whether for home or business.